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If you want to purchase from Walmart stores, then the online shopping is beneficial in some ways, because of all items are not available in Walmart stores. When you see, a registry items available is tagged as "Online Only" or in other words “Not Sold in Stores" then it will be purchased only at Here the information is mentioned about Baby & Wedding Gift Registry.

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WalMart Gift Registry - Baby & Wedding Gift Registry

Walmart Marketplace Retailers sell the items which may be added to a registry; in this case you can see the name of retailer listed as seller. These items can be purchased online at If the items are labeled under “In-store” or “Also Sold In Many Stores”, then you can purchase it from some Walmart stores.

Choosing gifts or thank you notes for wedding, baby shower or bridal shower is very boring task sometimes. so Walmart allows you to register your names online and make check list of gift items online. Using this registry for online shopping is very convenient and easy process.

WalMart Baby Gift Registry:

Many baby specialty shops and department stores of Walmart feature baby gift registry. For those who wish to purchase baby gifts can make shopping easier with gift registry. Parents, who want to fill their baby’s nursery, are helped by them with all the essential baby supplies.

For baby registry go on this page and see three options. If you are new at here and want to create a registry then create an account. If you want to edit information to your registry or want to add new items, then click on Edit.

To find registry:

You can find a registry by just entering first name, last name, date and state and click on Find. Select your gift and the gift can be shipped directly to the recipient.

WalMart Wedding Gift Registry (Bridal Gift Registry):

Wedding gift registry mostly works like a traditional registry, with just a few added benefits. For WalMart wedding gift registry, go on this page, here is also the three titles, if you are new at walmart and want to create wedding registry, then create an account and follow the next. To edit your registry information or to add some items click on Edit. You can also find a wedding registry by entering a first name, last name and click on Find.

Wish list (Checklist): allows you to start a Wish List right online; the wish list can be accessed either online or in a Walmart store. Creating a wish list is very easy,

  • Start Your Wish List
  • Add Items to Your Wish List
  • Share Your Wish List
  • Manage Your Wish List
  • Track Your Thank You Notes

Walmart gift cards:

Wallmart also offers some gift cards such as specialty gift cards, American gift cards, corporate gift cards and lots more. Read more about Walmart gift cards here.

How to find registry or wishlist online:

Find a Gift Registry, gift cards or Wish List online very easily with these steps, Click the "Gift Cards & Registry" dropdown menu at the top of any page and select what you are looking for. Type in the registrant’s first name, last name, state (optional) and event date (optional) and Click on the registry you are looking for.


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