Translink Go Card - Register & Login to Manage MY GO Card Online

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For the people of South East Queensland, TransLink is dedicated to deliver a world-class public transport network. The TransLink Transit Authority was created to improve and expand public transport services across the South East Queensland network by the Queensland Government. Here information is mentioned about Translink Go Card - Register & Login to Manage MY GO Card Online by visiting the official website at www.translink.com.au.

Translink Go Card - Register & Login to Manage MY GO Card Online

About Translink Go Card

An electronic ticketing system is the TransLink go card, which is presently oprating on the TransLink public transport network. Go card is traveling card of TransLink which stores up to $250 so you can travel seamlessly on bus, train and ferry services. At the beginning of your journey to ensure you pay the correct fare, you must always touch on to the card reader and touch off at the end. For each journey you take, the cost is deducted from your card.

Cubic Transportation Services develop The TransLink go card system which is now available on all TransLink public transport operators. Go card users are now able to travel on the privately owned Brisbane Airport Airtrain, as of the 1st of June 2008.

Benefits of Translink Go Card

Easier - simply touch on at the beginning of your journey and touch off at the end. Your fare is automatically deducted from your card balance.
Reusable - easy to top up and the money you put on your go card doesn't expire. You can choose how much money you put on your go card.
Safer - you can register your card to protect your balance against theft or loss.
Quicker - no need to queue for a ticket.
Great value - go card users save about 30% on each single paper ticket price - from your first trip. And, if you use your card more than 10 times in a week (Monday to Sunday), you get a further 50% off.
Convenient - no need to buy separate tickets for different zones traveled - and you can use it on buses, trains and ferries. And, if you register your card, you can top up online or by phone.
Smarter - the cutting-edge technology calculates the value of your journey, including up to three transfers.

Types of Translink Go Card

  • Adult go card: Passengers without concessions can use Adult go card.
  • Child go card: It is used by children under the age of 15 years.
  • Concession go card: This card is for passengers entitled to a concession, such as full time secondary and tertiary students, holders of a Pensioner Concession Card, and holders of a Repatriation Health Card.
  • Seniors go card: passengers who have a Queensland Seniors Card issued by the Queensland State Government can use the senior go card.

How to login or register at www.translink.com.au?

After open the official website at www.translink.com.au, click “Register and login” option which is given on the left side of the page under go card heading.

After clicking on the “Register and login” option you will get my go card page, on the page you have to click on the “Yes” option.

For managing your go card, you will have to enter 16 digits go card number and password then click on “Login” option.

If you want register go card, then click on Register my go card option which is given on the left side of the option.

Get the information of registration you can also click on the link go card conditions of use for view the conditions. The registration process may take five minutes.

You will need following for register your go card:

  • Your go card number
  • Your address, phone number and concession card details (for a senior or concession go card)
  • An online password and the answer to a secret question (the secret question is to identify you if you call us).

For getting more information, click here.

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