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Mystery Shopper Questionnaire, Mystery Shopper

Customer questionnaire are generally used by Companies to improve customer service and to determine employee rewards. Get more info how to Measuring Service Quality, how to Choosing the Right Questions, how to Reading the Overall Rating, Frequency of the Visits, Where the Shoppers Come From and many more.

What is mystery shopping? :Mystery shopping is when you pose as a customer of a store and observe the employees, the premises, and the quality of the goods offered. Most mystery shopping jobs require that you keep your identity to yourself, thus it is a mystery that you are even there.

How Au Bon Pain boosts customer service by rewarding employees who keep on their toes. The phrase mystery shopper may call to mind those television commercials in which persnickety houseguests surreptitiously examine their friends' homes for dusty tabletops or water-spotted dishes. But Au Bon Pain Co.'s mystery shoppers are nothing like those caricatures — they are part of an ongoing, extensive program to measure whether the company's quality and service standards are being met.

If the client company is a retail store, the mystery shopper may be given instructions to observe and report on the following:

* Was the mystery shopper greeted when he or she entered the store?
* If yes, how long did it take for an employee to acknowledge the mystery shopper's presence?
* What was the general condition of the premises like?
* Were the employees knowledgeable about the products they are selling?
* Was the mystery shopper's purchase rung through promptly?
* Did the employee thank the mystery shopper for their business and invite them to come back again?

Most mystery shopping questionnaires include questions that can be answered "Yes" or "No." For the sake of clarity and to provide more information, if the mystery shopper answers a question in the negative, he or she is asked to write in more details. Some multiple choice questions will also be included as well. This is to allow the mystery shopper to have the opportunity to check off the specific features and benefits that employees point out about the products they are selling during the shop.

Remember that this is the most time-consuming part of beginning your career in mystery shopping, but the more companies you sign-up with the more assignments you will have to choose from. Make sure that you have them notify you if they have jobs in your area through your email and then make sure you check your email frequently. If you live in an area where the shops are fewer and far between, they go very quickly so you want to be the first one to answer the email, and not the last

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