Redeem Beefeater Grill Reward Club Points online

The most favorite place for every beef lover in United Kingdom is none other than “Beefeater Grill”. Over 130 pub restaurants of Beefeater Grill are owned by Whitbread. You can enjoy mouthwatering prawn cocktails and char-grilled steaks at Beefeater Grill. At Beefeater Grill, you can also watch how your dish is going to be prepared in open plan grill areas. Company runs many rewards programs to attract more customers and to satisfy their regular customers not only by their meals, but also by providing most exciting rewards programs. Company has started one new reward program namely “The Beefeater Grill Reward Club”. So, now when you visit any Beefeater restaurant, do not forget to take your Beefeater Grill Reward Card with you. Redeem Beefeater Grill Reward Club Points online

If you don’t have Reward Card with you, then collect your Reward Card from any Beefeater restaurant and activate your card online. The motto of the company in order to run this Reward Club is to offer the most fascinating rewards to their customers without making them purchase any special or particular item or services of Beefeater. The idea is so simple, the more money you will spend on your meal at any Beefeater restaurant, the more points you will earn into your account. You will be rewarded with the addition of 5 points into your account on every single £1 you spend on drinks, snacks and meals. The more attractive and exciting thing about the Reward Club is, when you join the reward club for the first time; you will be welcomed in the reward club by awarding 300 points into your account. So, take a look at the procedure to activate your Beefeater reward card!

Step 1: Obtain your Beefeater reward card from any Beefeater location.

Step 2: Visit registration page to start the activation process of your reward card.

Step 3: Provide the details of your card like 16 digit number, title, first and last name. Provide your email id and unique password.

Step 4: Click on the “NEXT” button and follow the instructions given on the registration page to activate your Beefeater reward card.

You can redeem your points at any location of Beefeater in many ways. Once you have 500 or more points into your account, you can convert your 500 points into the voucher of £5, which you can use at any of the Beefeater location. If you do not want to get voucher, then redeem your points to buy any special food or drinks. For example, if you have earned 500 points into your account, then you and your friend can enjoy bottle of wine or two desserts! You can track your points collection at Beefeater’s website and by registering yourself for online account, you will get quarterly statement of your account. Moreover, you will get the exclusive offers to add more points into your account on your birthday or any special event of your life.

Even you can activate your account without accessing internet. Once you get your Reward card from any of the Beefeater location, call on 0845 3300 160 customer support number to activate your reward card. By activating your card via customer care number, you will not get all the benefits of online account. Somehow, if you have forgotten to carry your reward card with you when you visit the Beefeater, then call on the customer care number within the 14 days of your visit to add points into your account. There is no limit to earn points, but there is an age limit of 18 years to become the member of Beefeater reward club.

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