How to Sign up for Yahoo's Rocketmail account & login|signin to RocketMail.com

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Yahoo Inc. has set up two new domain names through e-mail users more options to the top of your address. RocketMail and Ymail give you opportunity to choose your desired login email id. The process of how to Login in Rocketmail and how to create new account or sign up or register in Rocketmail read below.

RocketMail Login or signin | RocketMail.com sign up | yahoo rocketmail account

How to Login/Sign in and Sign up/register in Rocketmail?

You can create RocketMail account by simply going to RocketMail Website or Yahoo Login page. If you choose yahoo login page then you have the option to get email registration in yahoo.com, yamil.com and rocketmail.com. Where you have to choose RocketMail.com and follow the steps to create new account. Alternative path as I suggest the RocketMailwebsite is easy way to sign up.

Polls over, the company has revealed that most people want easy-to-remember address, which is part of their name. With almost 260 million users, yahoo.com mail system was not easy for the very name of the people left to choose from. 

Yahoo auctions is planning to close a number of desirable e-mail addresses, which are related to charitable groups to begin today. 

RocketMail sound familiar, because it is the name of the company that Yahoo! Purchased in 1997. The first version of Yahoo! Technology developed by the Mail on RocketMail created during the decade before 1990. You can use an account to snag a new registration of new domain names by visiting the page. RocketMail Wiki information is also avaialable.

Rocketmail Homepage Layout

RocketMail Login or signin | RocketMail.com sign up | yahoo rocketmail account

RocketMail carrying a sign users have some difference in the first Internet web mail users than Yahoo! Today's reserved for RocketMail use your domain name. In addition, RocketMail system was more powerful than the more intuitive and Hotmail his counterpart, to attract the user's computer programming and the elite.

At that time, that this period of transition, RocketMail users will be able to select either the Yahoo! ID (does not guarantee access to their RocketMail ID Yahoo!) Or, to use, "username.rm" (which they guarantee), due to its Yahoo! ID. As a result, they were able to keep the rocketmail.com the same address and receive all the services as Yahoo! Users. 

More information Visit and Signup : www.rocketmail.com 

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4 years 34 weeks

roni pardede

I was using my rocketmail tonight and for some reason it asked me to verify my account using SMS. Any idea why this happened? I have been on rocketmail for a few years now and never had it ask that before.

Please Also Include:
Operating system (e.g. WinXP): Windows XP
Program and version you use to access rocketmail (e.g. Internet Explorer 7 or Outlook 2003): rocketmail website using firefox
Your antivirus software (e.g. Norton 2007):

4 years 37 weeks

cannot get into my mail

i have forgotten my password and will like to change it and have access to my mail.

4 years 39 weeks



4 years 40 weeks


It's amazing what a smile can make YOU achieve, try it!!!

4 years 43 weeks

rocketmail to gmail

i converted my rocket mail account to gmail
now i forget my secondary gmail
what should i do now to get my account
i know my rocketmail account

4 years 44 weeks

can not get into my mail

hi ya please help me don't know how to get into my mail can you please help me

4 years 46 weeks


how do i login into my rocketmail email account with out having to go through my space or some thing different other than straight through rocketmail its self

4 years 46 weeks

Please Solve My Problem related to RocketMail Login Error

i have a big problem,my mail address is used by another person,and i wont to change it,but i don't know how.my mail address is crni81@rocketmail.com,please help me

5 years 3 weeks

Rocketmail account

i have a rocketmail account but since yahoo home page has changed i don't know how to get my mail. if i click on read mail on the tool bar Microsoft mail comes up can i do something to change the "read mail" button to pull up my rocket mail account? i need a way to get to my mail. think you cathypeck@rocketmail.com

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