peter answers | virtual tarot tricks and secrets at

Peter is a free online fortune teller that has an amazing accuracy in predicting the future. Test him out by asking questions you already know the answer to and you will be amazed at what this virtual tarot knows!

The Peter answers website is a great way to trick people. There is a trick which is simple to explain. There are two boxes: one in which you type the standard petition and the other box in which you type in the desired question. Peter offers you a space to ask anything you want. However, before each question you must write a petition.

First Box: Peter please answer the following question:

Second Box: Your desired question

How does work?

The person who is typing "Peter please answer" or "Peter please answer the following" has to think about the answer while typing. Everyone in the room has to believe in Peter. If someone does not believe or the person typing the question does not know the answer it will probably not tell you the answer.

The site is a virtual tarot site. The “:” at the end of each query is essential to make the predictions.

What is the secret about

There is really nothing secret about It is just a JavaScript application created by a clever programmer.

Virtual tarot tricks and secrets at

Virtual Tarot is Web 10.0, with the psychic power to read minds, and answer any question. Find out how to amaze your friends with this coolest of internet tricks. You can follow the steps given here.

Step 1: Show your friends the site

Step 2: Explain that Peter Answers Virtual Tarot can read minds, and will answer any question your friends can think as long as your friend knows the answer.

Step 3: Ask your friend for his question, and verify with him or her answer. For instance, the question can be "How many fingers am I holding up", and the answer would be "Three" (or whatever).

Step 4: If your friend balks at providing an answer, explain that Peter Answers reads minds with its psychic powers.

Step 5: Next, enter your information at the Peter Answers site. First, enter the "Petition" sentence.

peter answers | virtual tarot tricks and secrets at

Step 6: Next, enter your friend’s question. As soon as you type the final question mark, the answer will mysteriously appear!

peter answers | virtual tarot tricks and secrets at

Step 7: The trick is this: As you type the petition, start with a period in the text box. Then, type the answer that you want to appear. Even though you are typing the answer, the Petition box will show the silly Petition language. Your friends are watching the screen, not your fingers.

peter answers | virtual tarot tricks and secrets at

The answer magically appears, as soon as you are finished typing the actual question, and type the question mark.

NOTE: Practice a few times before trying this with an audience. There is a bit of a learning curve for typing the answers properly.

Enjoy the video of peter answers virtual tarot example from youtube:

[link url=]

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