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Myspace is a highest ranking social networking website in the world. Its headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California, USA. Myspace is most popular social networking site in the United State since June, 2006. MySpace was overtaken internationally by main competitor facebook in April 2008, based on monthly unique visitors. Most of people are using myspace and many wants to create account in it. Its free to join myspace. We have given here the full information about, how to log in, how to sign up, how to add friends and how to create profile etc.

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Myspace login page, myspace sign in, profiles

Myspace sign in/ log in process:

For sign in the Myspace, we have to go Myspace. Com page then fill personal details like this:

Email address
Full name
Date of birth
1. date 2. Month 3.year
Gender 1. Female 2. Male

For some famous personalities there are three kinds of profiles in sign up the Myspace home page

If you are a musician, sign up here
If you are a comedian, sign up here
If you are a film maker, sign up here.

After filing the details we can log in the We can stay in touch with family or friends, and share our photos, albums and videos, find friends, coworkers, old classmates, etc.

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Myspace login page, myspace sign in, profiles

Myspace home page information

From this page we can find menu or its contents which are:


In this content we can add photos, always make sure that we are visiting the real Myspace .com!


In this content we can search our friends, among 3000 people in the network search area. To use browse we have to fill the details about our relative, we want to search him out. The detail such as:

Browse for – man woman
Between age – – –
Who are – single married divorced in a relationship engaged
And are here for– dating relationships networking friends
Located within-name of country
Region – any kind of
Photos – show only users who have photos, show name and photo only
Find people – it is for searching people – three kinds of block will open in this content
Search for people – name, display name, Email search by name, display name Email
Or browse people by age, location etc. to meet new friends
Then click on search.

Forums- this category is just a general forum in which you found pictures, videos, FAQs and much more…

Music– in this category we have to choose music which we want to be listen. There are top ten songs and many more songs in this content.

Video-  this category gives the latest video, superhit videos and you can search as you want.

More- in this content we know more about Myspace log in page. It has nine contents like:

  1. Toolbar
  2. Forums
  3. Groups
  4. Apps gallery
  5. Events
  6. Schools
  7. Blogs
  8. IM
  9. Trailer park

Read about MySpace’s Mobile Website.

[link url=]

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  • Anonymous

    i think there should be more web pages that we can sign up for thats not so dangerous an on that rappest stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Myspace for providing me online friends. With the help of Myspace, I meet my old friends and relatives. I also know detailed info. about some famous personalities.

  • Anonymous

    i was playing with member login page today, and on splash page i found that there are awesome looking profile themes available on myspace profile 2.0 page.
    i’m gonna test it today 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i heard that MySpace Shuts Down imeem and Its App Community. yes, they are going to shut it down completely

  • Anonymous

    can anybody help me with justin bieber myspace layouts codes? i’m bored with my current layout. I want to change icons, graphics and all background pictures from my current layout.