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As the time spent out the big problem for every person is how to manage the money in their life. Where it should be spent and from where the required money is to be managed, so I suggest to all the people to visit this nice site www.moneycontrol.com which provides you all the information related to your money life problem.

Moneycontrol portfolio, stocks & mutual funds | Moneycontrol.com loginToday, the hot favorite in people is Share bazaar and Stock market. People invest their money into different company's shares in order to earn more return from investment. They do not have enough knowledge of how to spent, where to spent, and when to withdraw their money from the company. Moneycontrol.com provides a current news of stock market, the position of each and every from higher to lower company's market information. If you continuously update this site then it will provide a better result for us. You get recommendations, latest news, and all about stock market investments on this site.

Moneycontrol.com have following categories :-
  • CNBC TV18 News
  • Markets
  • IPO
  • Mutual Funds
  • Portfolio
  • Messageboard
  • Wealth
  • Lifestyle
  • Videos

The first category you see at homepage of Moneycontrol.com provides information about BSE/NSE Notices, Market Commentary, Stock Advice, IPO Advice and much more news about sensex, when it is up and down and also how much changes will be taking place in this sensex.

In market category you will find the current rate of the share of India's highest company like Infosys, TCS, NTPC, Tata, Reliance, ONGC etc..

This site also provides information related to examinations like CAT, GRE, IELTS and much more news related to students.

For more information refer the site : www.moneycontrol.com

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Moneycontrol.com- advisor of money

Thanks a lot for giving me such a nice information about Moneycontrol.com. It really helpful in my day to day life...Language is so good, everyone can understand easily...gud stuff...

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