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Join the Applebee's family and start your fabulous career, working in a friendly, fast-paced environment. Just head over to to find great opportunities offered by Applebees.

Looking for a good career where you get fabulous benefits and great working environment? Are you ready to work in a restaurant business? Then, explore your career opportunities at Applebee’s, which offers good pay, outstanding benefits, and plenty of room to advance for those who like to cook, or want to work in a broad range of other positions. You can easily find a job at Applebee's, search all open positions near your area, and quickly apply to any job from entry level to management positions that fits your unique personality and skills. Whether you want a part-time or full-time job, submit your Applebees employment form online at

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Being one of the largest casual dining chains in the world, Applebee’s operates more than 2,000 restaurants in the US alone and around 15 in other countries, serving delicious foods like salad, shrimp, chicken, riblets, etc. and commendable service in a casual atmosphere. Applebee’s often requires to staff hosts, cooks, servers, dishwashers, bartenders, and buzzers for its various restaurants, and offer career opportunities for talented hourly team members, restaurant managers, and support center/corporate positions. Lots of Applebee’s employment opportunities are entry-level, while a number of job titles may need earlier work experience or certification.

If you want to bring your skills over and work for a popular company that is recognized for nurturing a fun working environment, apply for any Applebees job online as at this place you will get the support, encouragement, and respect you need to maximize your potential and reach your goals. If you're an experienced professional with a taste for success, you should make your career with Applebee's, where all employees get benefit from flexible schedules and highly competitive pay among food service careers. All the employees are given good benefits, which differ based on the individual locations, like paid on the job training, enjoy healthcare and additional benefits, qualify for paid time off, including sick leave, personal days and vacation day accumulation, etc.

Going ahead of their responsibility of being an Equal Opportunity Employer, Applebee’s endorses a healthy assortment in the workplace that celebrates the variations of every individual. Best of all, Applebee’s operates internationally, so if you are living outside the U.S. market, there may be great opportunities for you – get ready for a thrilling new adventure! Your first step towards success and a bright, secure future is by completing your Applebee’s online job application process, which is pretty easy, although you have to fill up quite a few online forms. Going through the complete online process lets the company’s recruitment and hiring team to review your qualifications and see how you fit into their system.

Applebee’s Online Job Application:

The Applebees job application is very user-friendly and simple to follow. When you fill out the Applebee’s application, it is significant to know that you will most probably be challenging with other people that do not have a big number of salable skills. On the other hand, if you have an attractive personality and enjoy working with food, you must use these talents for your benefit when filling out the Applebee’s application online form. So, make sure you look up the types of keywords that will assist Applebee’s employment application screeners observe you as a cut above the other applicants. The minimum age requirement to work at Applebee’s is 18 years. Additional age requirements can be applied based on the position that you apply for. Also note that several Applebee’s are independently owned and operated, so person aged under 18 years can qualify for certain positions.

How to get a job at Applebee's?

Access the website and review the company introduction. First time visitors of My Applebee have to register first. Click on green colored button “Start Here” to start applying. Enter your contact details like full name, address, social security number, email address, etc. You have to also enter your phone number as login username and 4-digit login PIN as login password. These details can be used for signing in next time to see your application history, and more.

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Answer the questions given about yourself like do you have a valid driver’s license, are you 18 years of age, etc., and press “Next” button to go ahead. Then you have to give answers related to your work schedule. Give education background and employment history (skip this part if you had not worked in any company before). Lastly, give your reference(s) with their name, phone number, relationship with you, years acquainted, reference city and state. After completing all the above steps, now you are ready to begin applying for jobs online. You will get the job available list, signifying job place and job title. Go through the list and select the one that best suits you. Press the Green arrow button in order to continue. Then you have to give answers of questions related to job and interview. Once you have done, go through the last step in your job application. See your application history and status by pressing “My applications” on the bar. In case you have any query related to your job application process, send email to [email protected]

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