I-40 Road Conditions and Traffic Reports

Posted By sam.36 on Nov 16, 2009   FROM: i40.mobi report abuse

Get I-40 Traffic details and I-40 road condition report of I40.mobi website.

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I40.mobi website shows the Real-time I-40 Road Conditions & Traffic Reports Extracted from DOT for various states like :
California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina.

About I40.mobi : Based in Maryland, USA, I40.mobi is owned by iTravel.mobi, which operates 61 Interstate Highway portals, each with unique contents including exit/rest area guides, traffic information, major city guides, hotels and motels and a forum for each interstate. I40.mobi offer hotel booking services through our 24-hour online booking center. The site is linked to over 82,000 hotels worldwide with more than 44,000 Hotels offering Special Internet Rates.

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