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Hotmail is a free web based Email Service. In 1997, it was purchased by Microsoft for $400 million from its founders, Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. Recently, it remains one of the most popular email services in the world.

Over the years hotmail has gone through several changes and improvements from its initial offerings. Now it is known as Windows Live Hotmail and have been placed under the umbrella of the live.com web site. The hotmail sign in page is located at mail.live.com.

Screenshot of Hotmail Website

Hotmail.co.uk login page sign in, Hotmail.co.uk sign up

Hotmail.co.uk Sign Up or Sigh In Process:

First open the mail.live.com. There you  will get  hotmail home page. The windows live hotmail page has two sections: the left one for sign up and the right is the sign in section. The sign up is meant for visitors who don't have an account and takes them to the registration page. And the sign in section is meant for already account holders who are hotmail member.

Hotmail.co.uk login page sign in, Hotmail.co.uk sign up Hotmail.co.uk login page sign in, Hotmail.co.uk sign up Hotmail.co.uk login page sign in, Hotmail.co.uk sign up

If you sign in at your Hotmail account, enter your full email address (like example@hotmail.com or example@live.com) in the Windows Live ID field and the password in the next field. Simply check the box in front of "Remember me on this computer". Also, if you are the only person using this computer, you can check the "Remember my password" box. Do not use this sign in option if you are on a shared computer such as one in a library or an Internet center.

Suppose you are successfully able to sign in to your Hotmail account. You will either get to see a splash screen or the list of your email messages. The Hotmail account folders are on the left. Click on the Inbox link to check your email messages.

Note : If you search Hotmail.co.uk you can also get a windows live.com page because now Hotmail.co.uk is redirected to windows live.com.

If you want to learn more about hotmail so click below on the section one sign up. In this section you can learn about hotmail new features like:

  1. About hotmail: In this section you can learn about hotmail
  2. What’s New? : In this section you can learn about what’s new updated hotmail on its site.
  3. Fast experience: Windows Live Hotmail is now faster than ever thanks to a few really good tricks.
  4. Less spam: Today, people on Windows Live Hotmail are seeing less spam in their inboxes than ever before. They are committed to providing folks with advanced inbox protection technology and will continue to fight junk mail and phasing scams.
  • Community
  • World-class Technology
  • Giving you control
  • Working Together

Hotmail is fast and easy-to-use than another e-mail account. It is all your online stuff together. E-mails, calendars, contacts, spam protection features, and more.

Hotmail free email account features

The following is the list of some of the important features of the free email accounts from Windows Live Hotmail service.

  • Storage space
  • Attachment size
  • Forwarding
  • POP access
  • Email client access
  • Virus scanning and security
  • Spam filter
  • Languages available
  • Account expiration:.
  • Advertisements
  • Folders
  • Themes
  • Email composition
  • Spell checker
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