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Facebook.com is the second highest ranking social networking web site in the world after Myspace.com. Facebook.com primarily focused on the high school student to college students and it has been gaining market share, and more significantly a supportive user base. Read more below how to sign in  or login in facebook, facebook profile and account information.

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Now a days many people are using Facebook and its growth shows no signs of slowing. The result, many people are using Facebook and many wants to create their account in it as it’s totally free to join Facebook. Here we give full information about Facebook regarding how to log in, how to sign up, how to add friends, how to create profile etc.

Facebook sign in/Login And Sign Up Process

For sign up in facebook First you have to go Facebook.com page then fill your personal details like below

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Your Email Id
  • New Password
  • Select your Sex: 1. Female 2. Male
  • Your Birth date: 1. Month 2. Day 3. Year

After filling these details, you have to write captcha in the given tax box then clicking on sign up tab.

When you sign up or login first time the three Step Procedures came to you. This are optional you can skip this.

Step 1: Add Friends

You can add your friends in Facebook by your request, you can also receive friend request on your account. If you don't want to add request then skip it and move on other step.

Step 2: Profile Information

Here you can find your those friends who are already members of Facebook.

Step 3: Set Profile Information

In this step you can fill your profile because these will help you to find your friends. After filling Profile press Save & Continue, and you will move on next step.

  • High School Name & Class Year:
  • College/ University:
  • Company Name:

Step 4: Set Profile Picture

In the Step 4, you can set your Profile Photo from your computer or with your Webcam.

After this whole process you will get your confirm Facebook account. Then the sign-in will work  whenever you want to access your Facebook.

Facebook Profile Information

After sign up, its let you to access your account where you find menus

1. Home: Here you get two more functions like

  • Find people you know
  • View and edit your profile

2. Profile: In this menu four details section are available like. You can fill appropriate details, whatever you want otherwise skip it.

  • Basic information
  • Personal information
  • Contact information
  • Education and work

3. Friends: Here you can search your friend and it has four options like

  • Recently added 
  • All friends 
  • Invite Friends
  • Find Friends

4. Inbox: Like all e-mail services, you can view your inbox massages and compose massages

  • View message inbox
  • Compose New Message

Facebook History

Facebook.com is founded by Mark Zuckerberg while he was a student at Harvard University. Facebook.com was established on February 4, 2004 and at that time it gained over 8 million users in USA only.

Facebook.com attract the students from higher schools to university (college). People join or register in Facebook to make friends. Everyone can create their profile by proper name, email id, digital or own photos.

Facebook Features

  • Wall- free space for messaging
  • Status information
  • Virtual pokes
  • Photo sharing

Facebook users can choose to join one or more networks, organized by city, workplace, school, and region. Each user is free to access his/her friends profile.

For more detailed verification sign up :- www.facebook.com

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7 weeks 1 day

Unauthorized use by previous employee False advertisement

Heart of Florida Real Estate Service is a licensed R.E.COMPANY IN Florida. A previous employee set up a FB page while employed. For 6 months She has been ask numerous times to take it down and has not done so. Please help remove this page as she is false advertising.
Her name is Ginger Allen and is no longer associated with HOF RE.

4 years 31 weeks

crime figures and policing.

The government are doing with crime as they did with the banks and nhs.That 'take the phone of the hook' and pretend it doesn't exist. Let criminals off, ignore problems then announce that crime is down except violent crime. Now murders or missing women and children are not made public and discounnted

4 years 32 weeks

why cant you leave things alone

its coming into a lot off problerms cant log in you lose chips in poker its getting as though folk are sick when every thing was working ok and now am getting so pissed off with it iam now thinking too get rid off face book off our computers

4 years 34 weeks

Face Book

Since I Logged in to my Face Book profile my husband has been unable to log i to his, Why is this?

4 years 34 weeks

i Speak English

I speak english, an my facebook is in asian language, who i can change, , EVERYTHIN IS IN ASIAN

4 years 35 weeks


facebook. never have i came across a site so hopeless to login to. 5 days ive been tryin to login to the damned thing about as much good as a chocolate fire guard

4 years 35 weeks

I try to open a new accont in my friend coputer but is not work


4 years 36 weeks

so annoying

my facebook page has been opening in an annoying manner for the past 3 weeks. i thought it was going to go back to normal but its still the same way and its so annoying.

4 years 37 weeks

Computer Love

I want to let everyone know I am on my Sister and Brother in law computer I appreciate them for everything there doing for me and I love them dearly

4 years 38 weeks

my facebook page wont open

was going to go on my facebook and it wont open and really need to talk to this boii help anyone xx

4 years 38 weeks

some one change my password

please how can login to my account someone change my password now i can not login please help

4 years 38 weeks

cant access facebook

Umh am using ma institutions machine but cant login to facebook.What could be the problem

4 years 43 weeks

Facebook.com- site of friendship

Facebook.com is the most popular site in our group...we all friends use it very much...so nice information you have given to me...for that i thank you....

4 years 43 weeks

you have suspended my page without reason.!!

I don't know why you suspended my page and when i want to do it again comes in french language and i do not understand
please open my face book

4 years 43 weeks

My account was disabled and I want it back

I am using my grandmas computer and my e-mail address is sweet_justine@live.ca my account was disabled and everytime I try and activeate it on my grandmas computer I get her account and when I try on my computer it says your account has been disabled. Please help me!!!!

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