EPPICard login Tips for Eppicard.com users

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About EPPICard :

EPPICard is the secure and safe option for accessing your payments. Eppicard.com is the official website for EPPICard login. Eppicard is an electronic money transfer card that can be used for making payments to citizens for a range of purpose. The EPPICard can be used like a credit card at trade sites, and at ATMs.

EPPICard login at www.eppicard.com

The State of Texas applied the new EPPICard ™ program in April, 2006. Using a Visa ® debit card, Custodial parents can now access their payments online. Are you a cardholder of EPPICard? EPPIC Cardholders can buy goods and services directly from retailers and even obtain cash back with use of this EPPICard system. From any participating ATM or bank location, cardholders can also withdraw cash.

Your payments are automatically loaded into your new EPPICard and can be used instantly.

EPPICard login at www.eppicard.com:

If you wan to login for EPPICard, you have to visit eppicard.com first. It is very easy to login at Eppi card.com. You have to just select your state, and then you will be arriving at your state EPPICard Page. Now you have to enter your user ID and password, then you will login into your EPPICard account.

Some login security tips are provided at http://www.eppicard.com/onlineBankingSecurity.html

  • Online and Email Safety
  • Virus Protection, Spyware and Firewalls
  • Login safety and password protection
  • Security Savvy Do & Don't

What are the advantages of EPPICard:

  • EPPICard system charges low transaction fees
  • Access your EPPICard account anytime anywhere, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Free cash back with purchases at many retailer locations.
  • Easy access to cash at thousands of ATM locations.


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