Environment Canada Weather – www.weatheroffice.gc.ca

Www.weatheroffice.gc.ca is the official website of Environment Canada. You can get all the knowledge of weather through www.weatheroffice.gc.ca. Stewardship of the Environmental Choice Program is provided by Environment Canada, which offers customers with an eco-labelling for products contrived within Canada or services that gather international label standards of (GEN) Global Ecolabelling Network. Here is mentioned information regarding Environment Canada Weather provided at www.weatheroffice.gc.ca.

Environment Canada Weather - www.weatheroffice.gc.ca

Environment Canada (EC) is lawfully included as the Department of the Environment beneath the Department of the Environment Act. Environment Canada is responsible for coordinating environmental policies and programs as well as preserving and enhancing the natural environment and renewable resources.

Water, air and soil quality are included in the preservation and enhancement of the quality of the natural environment. Migratory birds and other non-domestic flora and fauna are included in renewable resources.

Environment Canada became the lead federal department to ensure the clean up hazardous waste and oil spills under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. For international environmental issues, the department is also responsible.

Environment Canada Weather:

If you want to know about weather then Environment Canada provides you the details about weather so you have to visit www.weatheroffice.gc.ca. When you go to www.weatheroffice.gc.ca website, you will find Canadian Weather. You will also find a map, where you can select a location for knowing weather. Suppose you want to know the weather of Toronto, then you have to click on Toronto. When you click on Toronto, you will find a page, in which you can see current conditions with temperature of Toronto. You will also see forecast, in which you can see temperatures of the week. You can find daily temperature and know about the climate like where and when is hot day, clouds or rain also. You can also see the historical data like the normal temperature and minimum or maximum temperature of the day.

Source: www.weatheroffice.gc.ca

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