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The name of the company, Checkers Auto Parts itself suggests that it provides Auto Parts for the vehicles and it offers a wide selection of national brand name, private-label and generic automotive products for domestic and imported cars and light trucks. Are you searching for the Checkers Auto Parts: Stores & Locations near you? Here is provided the easy ways to search the Checkers Auto Parts: Stores as well as Locations.

 Stores & Locations

About Checkers Auto Parts

In 1969, Checker Auto Parts was established with 442 stores in the Southwestern, Rocky Mountain, and Northern Plain states and Hawaii. In the western US, the largest specialty retailer of automotive parts and accessories is CSK Auto Inc. The headquarters of Checkers Auto Parts are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

In March 1998, CSK Auto became a publicly traded company and had continued to develop through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. From January 29, 2006, CSK operated 1,273 stores in 22 states spanning from Hawaii to Ohio, with principal deliberation of stores in the Western United States.

Checkers Auto Parts offers best customer services like Low prices, Provide standard products, Capable staff, Free Diagnostic Testing such as test your starter, alternator, and battery FREE of charge, and much more.

Checkers Auto Parts: Stores

CSK operates its stores under 4 brand names:

  1. Checker Auto Parts: It was initiated in 1969, with 442 stores in the Southwestern, Rocky Mountain, Northern Plain states and Hawaii.
  2. Murray’s Discount Auto Stores: It was initiated in 1972, with 112 stores in the Upper Midwest.
  3. Kragen Auto Parts: It was initiated in 1947, with 493 stores primarily in California.
  4. Schucks Auto Supply: It was initiated in 1917, with 226 stores in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

List of websites that provide Checkers Auto Parts: Stores & Locations

You can find the Checkers Auto Parts: Stores & Locations by visiting the official site of it. There are many other websites given as follows that provides the Locations for Checkers Auto Parts near your home.

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  • [Link]

Career opportunities at Checkers Auto Parts

To make career at Checkers Auto Parts and get details related to your employment at CSK, see here. It is compulsory to sign up for Employee Self Service (ESS) to experience the ease and control of managing your employee information online, whenever and wherever you have Web access.

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