BNZ Internet banking - Login to www.bnz.co.nz for Online Banking

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The official website of BNZ Internet banking is www.bnz.co.nz. BNZ Internet banking provides online banking services to its customers. With the help of BNZ Internet banking, you can easily control your money, make payment, Export transactions, check your accounts, Pay other people, Move your money, etc. It also provides with their super secure Internet Banking with NetGuard to its customers.BNZ banking offers finance to the farmers, ordinary people and business for their work.

BNZ Internet banking - Login to www.bnz.co.nz for Online Banking

BNZ, a subsidiary of the National Australia Bank Group of companies operates in Singapore as Bank of New Zealand and is offering their customers a variety of deposit and lending. With the help of BNZ, you can get positive, flexible and efficient service, access to a network of specialist expertise, ongoing innovation to continue to be better off. You can access your online account 24*7 and also get alerts in your email account.

How to do personal login?

If you want to login in your account, then enter your Access number and password and click on ‘login’ button. If you have forgotten your password, then click on ‘forgot password’ button. If you want some security tips, then visit BNZ bank website.

How to do business login?

If you want to login in your business account, then enter your access number, user ID and password then click on ‘login’ button. If you have forgotten your password then you can recover it at website, for this you just need to click on the "Forgot my password" link just below the login button.

For more help, call at 0800 BNZ IB4B (0800 269 4242) or +64 4 931 8234.


  • Request a credit card limit increase
  • Check and update your personal details
  • Create nicknames for accounts
  • Register for online statements and never receive a paper statement again
  • Make payments to Inland Revenue, like income tax and GST
  • Contact them directly and securely with Secure Mail
  • Order a cheque or deposit book

eFX Dealing:

BNZ also provides eFX Dealing to its customer. With the help of eFX Dealing, you can complete your foreign exchange transaction within a minute. It is used to receive and print confirmation of online FX trades, to execute spot, forward (with fixed or optional delivery dates) and swap contracts, to download FX trade information directly to your accounting system, and to access your maturing FX deals and live FX rates.

Client Fund Service

BNZ also offers Client Fund Service, which helps the customer to manage the funds in behalf of their clients. It mainly helps Solicitors, Accountants, Real Estate Agents, schools, not-for-profit organizations and other businesses.

With the help of Client Fund Service, you can pool together a number of individual deposits into a single CFS account to earn a higher interest rate. There is no fees for transaction activity on the CFS account and you can collect management fees efficiently from your clients as well as save time and administration costs, check balances and transactions at any time of the day or night, automatically receive calculated tax, interest, and commission amounts, be secure by using NetGuard token to provide an additional layer or security, place funds on call, or on term deposit for up to five years, gain greater control and management of your clients’ funds and related information, get competitive interest rates, etc.

For more information, visit www.bnz.co.nz.

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