Vintage stripper Photos of 60’s and 70’s

Flickr user stripper_polaroids says he bought a box of over 400 photos of strippers trying out for a southern California club in the late-60s and early 70-s.

Vintage stripper

He decided to create a new Flickr account to share this collection with other photographers. They document fashion, interior decor, and a time when bodies were for the most part, natural. The Polaroid film makes for an even more nostalgic feel.

The main interest he has with these photos is the esthetics of an era, not just as titillation. As an artist and photographer he find these women beautiful, daring and sometimes desperate. Each woman here has a story, and each one deserves our respect.
Due to my Flickr link being picked up by Boing Boing he has been inundated by attention and emails. When He posted this collection it was the idea that it would be for fellow photographers and designers who would respect and value the images for the esthetics. [link url=]

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