Global Test Market Review

Global Test Market is part of GMI, Global Market Insight, Inc. They are one of the truly "Global" panels. I absolutely love being a panelist with them. I have made more money taking surveys with them than any other panel I have tried, and I have tried many. Most of their surveys compensate you at least 35 Market Points and many much more.

Global Test Market Review

Each Market Point is equivalent to a nickel. 35 nickels = $1.75 Plus for each survey you start but are "screened out" you will still earn entries into the daily $300 drawing and their quarterly $20,000 drawing (being screened out is a normal part of taking surveys, for example sometimes they are only looking for women.) Those are some big prizes, but my focus is on the paycheck.

One of the best things about their panel is that you get immediate compensation. As soon as you finish each survey the points are credited to your account, there is no waiting period like so many other sites where you are forced to keep track of all completed surveys and you usually will end up loosing some of what is owed to you.

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