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  • rushika

    I believe we need to culture the good behaviour rather than to have it imposed- they talk of the peace process-the best thing we can do is to invest in space- and ensuring we all takean interest in meaningful things to pitch a tent and to enjoy the natural realm for its own sake- and to de-militarise we cant get there whilst patronising gun films and crass television- and I seek other musicians- I used to sing where ever without imposing upon others but whilst I’ve n/ been in two bands I’m now very introvert- that I need to build up the confidence.and girlfriends- as of proper age but its not the sex motive but love and compatibility…

  • Anonymous

    bebo is good because u get 2 talk to some of your friends from skool..

  • admin is a social network, you create a user name, and then a profile page which consists of you listing your favorite music, films, and anything about yourself you would like.You can display your age, or choose to keep it hidden. Then on your profile page, you can create opinion polls, quizzes, mp3 playlists, and write blogs.

  • admin

    I use, most of my friends have profiles, and I enjoy leaving comments and receiving them. It is a fantastic way of communicating that is free, a bit like msn. There are lots of fun things to do on Bebo such as drawing a picture on a friends ””whiteboard””, looking on bands”” bebos, and commenting on your friends bebos.

  • admin

    In the presence of Twitter, Tagg, Digg, Orkut, Yahoo very hard to have the new networking site established. But surprised to hear that the developer of the site are optimist of having the leading position on the globe.