Top Worst fast food restaurants in USA

Are you one of four Americans who eat out daily? Then, you must take a look at the list of worst fast food restaurants of USA with consumer Reports' rankings.

It's no secret that America's favorite treat is fast food. Pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, fried chicken and burritos are some of the favourite fast foods. Americans spend over $680 billion per year to eat out in fast food restaurants. Boith quality of the service and quality & freshness of the food are the most important factors in their dining decisions. Consumer Reports' conducted a survey to find out the best and worst fast-food chains in America. So, lets checkout the worst fast food restaurants in USA according to Consumer Reports' survey.

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32,405 people took part in the Consumer Reports 2014 survey. People, who participated consumed 96,208 meals at 65 fast-food and fast-casual restaurants and ranked them on the basis of their food quality and freshness, value, politeness, speed of service and dining area cleanliness. Based on this criterion, the restaurants received an overall score between 1 and 100. No fast food chain got more than 88 ranking. Sbarro got the lowest score in the list of the worst fast food restaurants. Famous fast food chains such as McDonald's, Domino's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell are also included in the list.

America's Worst Fast-Food Restaurants

11. Panda Express

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100

10. Taco Bell

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100

9. Little Caesars

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100

8. Domino's

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100

7. Pizza Hut

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100

6. CiCi's Pizza

Consumer Reports' Grade: 72/100

5. Burger King

Consumer Reports' Grade: 71/100

4. McDonald's

Consumer Reports' Grade: 71/100

3. Church's Chicken

Consumer Reports' Grade: 71/100

2. KFC

Consumer Reports' Grade: 69/100

1. Sbarro

Consumer Reports' Grade: 65/100

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