Top 10 Curry Recipes For Onam Festival in Kerala

Onam festival is a huge favourite among the food fanatics because of the tasty Onam dishes. The famous ‘Onasadya’ or the meal which is served on Onam is something which you just cannot afford to miss if you are in Kerala.

Curry Recipe For Onam

The Onasadya consists of many different food items starting from the banana chips, avial, puttu, erissery to the special pal payasam and the ela ada.

All of these mouthwatering dishes are served on the banana leaf so that you can enjoy all the flavours of Kerala cuisine at the same time. The meal is so tempting and delicious that you will not realise that you have over eaten!

The curries and the sambhar served in the Sadya are the ones you should definitely look out for. So, here Boldsky has listed down 10 sumptuous curries for Onam whiich you should definitely try out.[link url=]

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