Raising Meat production Imbalance Environment shortly

A human race is on stake due to air, soil and water pollution caused by rising production of meat. Reduce consumption of meat to live sustainable life.

Meat production industry is one of the largest and constantly rising industries around the whole world. Demand of meat is increasing in every country and it leads to unrecoverable damage to environment. Around 308.5 million tons of meat was produced in 2013 that have cost litters of water, big area of meadow to feed livestock and deforestation to grow more crops for livestock. As well as soil gets polluted due to excess use of artificial fertilizers to increase the crop production. As per the recent results, around two-thirds of all agricultural land is used to grow feed livestock and only 8% growing food is used for human consumption. Around 70% of drinking water is used for agriculture. So, one can easily calculate that an environmental pollution and loss of drinking water is more due to excess meat production.

Different kind of meat

Increase in livestock demand will definitely lead the increase in the soil and water pollution due to chemical fertilizers. Deforestation leads to green house effect, low level of oxygen and dryer summer. Moreover, chemical fertilizers when come into the contact of river water; they travel to sea and create more dead zones in sea. These dead zones do not allow any fish to reproduce or live for longer period of time. Soybean, rye, oats, corn are mainly produced to feed cattle and other livestock.

You might have not known but 1 kg of meat you buy from the store requires 15,000 litters of water and a very huge part of earth to feed the livestock. If meat demand will rise more and more in upcoming years, then air, water and soil pollution will reach at its peak to demolish human’s life. So, switch to sustainable diet to reduce consumption of meat for mother earth and human life.

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