Must-Try Hot and Spicy Monsoon Treats

Monsoon brings in mood of trying hot fried crispy treats, spicy foods and hot beverages. This monsoon, make some finger-licking hot and spicy monsoon treats at home to avoid eating them out.

For Indians, Monsoons are special as it fills them with joy and fires up appetite. When rain starts to pour down, the craving for finger-licking delicious fried snacks starts too. A rainy evening would be incomplete without hot samosa/kachori, hot crispy pakoras, kebabs, roasted bhutta, spicy chaats or cutlets along with a piping hot cup of coffee or tea. Even health conscious people make exceptions for these lip smacking monsoon treats. This monsoon season, try some different vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes to brighten up your rainy days. Here are some finger-licking hot and spicy monsoon snacks recipes that can be easily prepared at home.

Must-Try Hot and Spicy Monsoon Treats

Lip-smacking Hot and Spicy monsoon Recipes

Watermelon Cheese Kebab

Watermelon and cheese are not only for making salads. You can also use them make delicious kebab. The watermelon cheese kebab can be made from ingredients easily found in the average kitchen.

Vermicelli Coated Prawns

Deep fried prawns wrapped in vermicelli can be a treat for the sea food lovers. To make vermicelli coated prawns, prawns are marinated, rolled in vermicelli, and then deep fried in oil until it turns golden-brown. The dish can be served with chutney and salad.

Kaju pakoda

Nothing can beat the joy of eating pakodas during monsoon. This monsoon, try to make Kaju pakoda instead of regular pakodas like onion, moong dal, potato, green chilly and paneer. This quick, rich and easy evening snack has crispy and nutty taste.

Crispy Corn Cakes with Date and Tomato Chutney

Hot and crispy corn cakes are great snacks for after school and party. Corn cakes are easy and quick to make and filled with flavor. They are served with date and tomato chutney to make them tastier.

Hare Mutter Ki Shammi

Shammi kabab are juicy, flavorful and melt in the mouth. Hare mutter Shammi kabab are not only tasty but also very healthy and nutritious thanks to spinach and green peas.

Corn and Pea Bhel

Corn and Pea Bhel is one of the most healthy snack recipes as it is full of healthy ingredients: green peas, vegetables and corn. This fiber-rich feast is flavored with imli chutney.

Bhatti Chicken Chaat

Non-vegetarians love to enjoy Chicken chaat: a great combination of juicy meat and the flavor of the chaats. Bhatti Chicken Chaat is an excellent way to toss up some boneless chicken into healthy snack.

Thai-Style Vegetable Satay

If you think vegetable Satay can’t be as delicious as regular satay? Then, you must try Thai-Style Vegetable Satay. It is spicy, delicious, healthy and filling enough to satisfy your taste buds.

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