Best recipes to celebrate Independence Day

Celebrate Independence Day with mouthwatering tri-coloured savouries like fruit skewers and salads. Here are some mouth watering recipes.

Classic Macaroni Salad

1. Classic Macaroni Salad

-Macaroni (boiled) (120 grams)
-Red kidney beans (boiled) (50 grams)
-Corn Kernels (50 grams)
-Tomato (seedless) (20 grams)
-Sliced onion (30 grams)
-Bell pepper (45 grams)
-Coriander leaves (chopped) (20 grams)
-Tomato ketchup (30 grams)
-Mayonnaise (40 grams)
-Pinch of Salt
-Lime Juice (as required)
-Oregano (5 grams)
-Chopped green chilli (5 grams)

-Take a steel bowl and put all the ingredients (except mayonnaise, lime juice and tomato ketchup) and mix it gently.
-When mixed properly, fold it into mayonnaise, lime juice and tomato ketchup.
-Put it in a salad bowl and garnish it with tomato and coriander leaf and serve it cold.[link url=]

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