Vanessa Simmons Affair with Boyfriend Mike

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Vanessa Simmons Boyfriend Mike Affair

Vanessa Simmons has boyfriend "Mike Wayans", who is the son of comedian Damon Wayans. She revealed her relationship on her reality television show "Daddy's Girl ", which gave her an edge.

The amazing, beautiful and attractive Vanessa Simmons appeared in the most popular magazine in the Maxim Top 100 models category, was listed at No: 82. Mike recently spent a great time with good Reverend during taping of Vanessa and Angela reality show 'Daddy's Girls.

Wayans and Vanessa Simmons have been dating for a few years. The above picture had been shoot, when she attended the premiere of the movie “Dance Flick”. And in below picture, she tweeted with mike before attending the red carpet event.

Vanessa Simmons Boyfriend Mike Affair

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4 years 34 weeks

That's Not Mike or Vanessa

Oh here we go. I thought white people could tell us part, I guess not. The above picture is Angela. I don't know who the dude is.

If you are going to do a story please be sure to get the picture right. Also you should either put up a correct picture, or take off this post, or apologize for your errror.

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