Samantha Who? Season 2 Episode 15 Spoilers

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Cecelia Ahem and Don Todd creates television comedy series "Samantha who?"Todd also workes as executive producer alongside Peter Traugott, with Ahern and Christina Applegate producing. Robert Duncan McNeil was pilot director. The show is about Samantha Newly, a 30-year-old vice president of a real estate company who, become the victim of a hit-and-run accident, in this story also about her relationship and financial situation.

Samantha Who? Season 2 Episode 15 Spoilers

Season 2 Episode 15 airs Thursday April 16 at 8:30 on ABC. “Samantha Who?” stars Christina Applegate as Samantha, Jennifer Esposito as Andrea, Kevin Dunn as Howard, Melissa McCarthy as Dena, Tim Russ as Frank with Barry Watson as Todd and Jean Smart as Regina. Billy Zane, James Patrick Stuart, Brent Tarnol are work as guest.

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