Regis Philbin is leaving ‘Live! With Regis & Kelly’

Regis Philbin, host of "Live! With Regis and Kelly", announced that he will be leaving the show in the fourth quarter of this year. 80-year-old, Regis Philbin is connected with television for almost three decades and provided cautious and depressing folks, a much-necessary start in the morning on TV. Regis has entertained millions of viewers with his morning talk show for the past 23 years. But he will be retired from the 'Live! With Regis & Kelly' show on 18 November 2011.

Regis Philbin is leaving 'Live! With Regis & Kelly'

As the date of his retirement is decided, he will only host 53 morning shows. Fans of the 'Live! With Regis & Kelly' show are disappointed and they do not like to see him go. Regis Philbin is famous worldwide, and it is not as simple to see him to retire from the show. Philbin got honors several times such as he won Emmy Award three-times with his fans’ support. Kelly (Ripa) is continuing the show for entertaining viewers but the question is who should take place of Regis Philbin?

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