Real world cancun episode 5 Preview

Real world Cancun Season 22 Episode 5 | Real world Cancun S22E05 : "Nobody Likes You!"

Real world cancun episode 5

The M TV Reality Show Real world Cancun S22e05 “Nobody Likes You!" was released on yesterday 22 July, 2009 at 9p.m On M TV Music Television. In the Last Episode 5 Ayiiia exposed her susceptible side and Joey want to Drive Ayiiia away from Cancun. Real world Cancun Season 22 Episode 5 was a very dramatically episode. Here I give Full information about the Episode.

Episode Title : "Nobody Likes You!"
TV Show : Real world Cancun Season 22
Released Date : 22nd July, 2009
Genre : Reality
Star : Derek Chavez, Joey Rozmus, Christian "CJ" Koegel, Emilee Fitzpatrick, Bronne, Ayiiia Elizarraras and Jonna Mannion 

Real World Cancun S22E05 recap

In this Episode the Gang head out with Student City employees to Rivera Maya. This place has cliff diving, dolphins, scuba diving…same old crap. On this Bus CJ was sitting with ho named Amanda. I say she is ho Because CJ flirts with her all day and basically says that “Amanda is one of those types of girls where you can tell she’s just into you.” So CJ purchased his chicklets and condoms and hopes for the best this time!

After that CJ went to room with Amanda and CJ slapped with her that time Emilee walk into CJ’s room and Shocked “Oh my god, is that Amanda?” Of course she’s Amanda. You were at the club. You saw CJ take her home. And since Ayiiia is the only one who can hear him at this point, she decides to pipe up with: “can we see your penis? Let me see your piglet!” after that Joey and CJ had Out with Ayiiia. Do You Know that why, No one likes you. CJ Shouts at Ayiiia on the pool. That time Joey said the Camera “I am happy that CJ is screaming at Ayiiia because he had been wanted to let out for the full time. And not only am I happy, I am joinning in because I have some things to say, too."

In the meantime The Two boys looked unaffected and cool with all the angry sentiments. After that Guys are going crazy and she gets fed up with all the attention (maybe) and goes out of the pool and comes face to face with the boys. Read full episode story here

Real World Cancun Episode 5 S22E05 Photos

Real world cancun episode 5 Real world cancun episode 5 Real world cancun episode 5 Real world cancun episode 5 Real world cancun episode 5 Real world cancun episode 5

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