Manana Es Para Siempre Capitulo Episode 154

The situation is really getting problematical for Barbra. So please you will watch the intimately because, these are the final episodes of the Manana Es Para Siempre. Fernanda notify Santi about Aurora and let know him the truth regarding the night she gone. And Aurora tells Barbra, that she is the real mother of him.

So please don’t miss to see this all parte of Manana Es Para Siempre. This is gone be a great show on everyday. Camilo tells Barbara that if they do not take it out of prison, he will tell his dad that it was she who ordered him to rape Aurora. And that she even gave him drops for drugs, Barbara said that there was blackmailing.

Santiago is shocked and does not know what to do, so Fernanda offers a plan to expose a Barbara, he does not understand why you must hide, but accepted the proposal to his sister.

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