Gia Allemand died in Suicide attempt just at age of 29

This is really sad to be so young, yet feel so hopeless.

This is not a time to preach, but it is worth noting that one wonders why she felt so depressed with her life, as glamorous as it was. She was dating an NBA Star, etc. She actually met him on the popular, “Bachelor Show.”

I am not a fan of “The Bachelor Show” because it encourages men to sleep around with various women, totally disrespect them like hookers and use them for the sake of personal pleasure and tv show ratings.

God has a better plan that is more fulfilling and lasting than pagan immorality. God is not a kill joy. He invented sex and this kind of intimacy is for marriage only, not “sampling the goods” and “playing the field” as a single.

Nothing but hurt, scars and regrets come from that kind of lifestyle of sin. Plus, you really can’t find real love, true love while rebelling against what God clearly says.

Jesus Christ gives the best when we do what He commands and truly respect the Creator of intimacy and creation.[link url=–gia-allemand-dies-at-age-29-190954692.html?cache=clear]

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