Denise Richards on Howard Stern Interview Video

Denise Richards on Howard Stern Show

The breaking news, the former bond girl Denise Richards shown on Howard Stern SIRIUS radio show. Howard Stern asked Denise, the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen about her breast During the interview. Denise for the first time exposed that she got not one, not two but three times done breast implants. It was shocking confession by Denise Richards on Radio Satelit Show.

The 30-year-old actress asked regarding her boob were real, Denise Richards answered that it was seen normal in the outside but on the inside they are not. And added that when she was younger (19 year) at that time she done first time surgery advised by her roommate. She said, I still younger then and don’t know what is good for me.

When the reality stars realized that first surgery was not fit for her body, she had a second surgery but she unluckily forgot to inform the doctor to decrease the size. And it’s became bigger than once. Luckily for Denise Richards, her third procedure was a success. Denise told Howard Stern Radoi show “I also wish to advice woman and youth group not to do like me,"

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