Cote De Pablo Leaving NCIS after Finale

NCIS season 6th best and main actress Cote De Pablo, who plays Ziva’s might leave NCIS. This most shocking news widely spread. I hope that’s not correct but not wrong. The NCIS sixth season finale "Aliyah" aired on May 19, and will feature Ziva’s (Cote de Pablo) homecoming to Israel with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the rest of the team. The return to Israel is not faithfully a happy meeting with her father, the mysterious and powerful head of Mossad.

cote de pablo leaving ncis

As you would expect tension start to rise, and Gibbs will be forced to make a decision that. A decision is made that send shockwaves through the NCIS team. Buddy TV specify some of these shockwaves, one is that Weatherly will offer send-off to the CBS procedural. Word on the web is that some serious stuff is going down in the season finale and that "it is not Michael Weatherly we should be worrying about". They can not possibly be thinking of killing off Ziva can they?

Ziva is such amazing character. I hope that that’s not true. ziva is my favorite, I don’t want to miss her, but I don’t believe that, cause at the moment NCIS is one of the most watched televisions and when on of the character left there will never be so much people to watch ncis.

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  • Anonymous

    Why did you not proofread? You lessened the power of your point by being careless.

  • Anonymous

    i hope they arent cutting ziva(cote de pablo) out of ncis for ever and if they are the producers are making such a BIGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!! mastake she is the best thing that hit ncis in like a long time