Robin Meade Swimsuit Competition Photos

Robin Meade Swimsuit Competition Hot Pics

The 23 year old gorgeous Robin Meade, who is also the lead newscaster for CNN Headline News and host of every morning show called “Morning Express”. She’s looking beautiful, smart, and intelligent woman. She wearing bikini or swimsuit on Miss Ohio competition on 1992.

Her Swimsuit Competition photo was leaked in internet, and every one wants to look her photo on internet. Many people say that her legs are so sexy and elegant.

She went on to become the Miss Ohio and was a top ten finalist in the Miss America pageant. She also won the Miss Firelands Festival Title in 1986. She won a regional Emmy Award for her hard work reporting the 1995. Her beauty and talent make her one of the most well known and well liked news personalities in the world today.

Robin Meade Swimsuit Photos:

Robin Meade Swimsuit Competition Photos Robin Meade Swimsuit Competition Photos

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  • Anonymous

    Robin is beautiful, however what completely distracts from these pictures is your total inability to write proper English. What is the matter with you?

  • Anonymous

    Absolutly Gorgeous!!! WoW! I watch her every morning..funny,witty,sweet…Beautiful Robin!!

  • Anonymous

    ctually, its not Robuin Meade. That’s Natasha Curry (also on HNL) from her competition for Miss Washington.

  • Anonymous

    To Anonymous from 6 weeks, 3 days ago–maybe the author of the article doesn’t speak English as his first language, so let’s confine ourselves to critiquing the info.
    First, I’m not sure that Robin is 23 now. Second, as the immediately previous poster noted, these pics aren’t of Robin.
    Third, her rack is a better feature than her legs.