Robin Meade Bikini Swimsuit Hot Pictures

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Robin Meade is a well known CNN news anchor and is the host of Morning Express with Robin Meade. She looks so Hot and fantastic. You can see that she’s not just beautiful, Georges but also smart, intelligent, and incredible woman.

Well Robin Meade’s Sexy legs are so popular and I think its make her hotter. CNN’s newscaster has amazing smile and perfect body.

Robin Meade Hot Pictures

Don’t you know that Robin Meade swimsuit photos are a popular web search because she is such a well liked and eye-catching person, but the photos are hard to find? By the way Robin Meade was born April 21, 1969 in New London, Ohio. And she grew up in spreading as a reporter at WMFD-TV in Mansfield, Ohio. Her beauty and talent make her one of the most famous and well liked news personalities in the world today.

Robin was crowned Miss Ohio in 1992 and ranked in the top ten for the Miss America beauty pageant. There's no doubt that Robin Meade will be on television for a long time to come. Anyway Men loves Smart and pretty Women like her!! Am I right? Read more info about Robin plz click Here.

See photos of hot Robin Meade :

Robin Meade Hot Pictures Robin Meade Hot Pictures Robin Meade Hot Pictures Robin Meade Hot Pictures Robin Meade Hot Pictures Robin Meade Hot Pictures

Robin Meade really looks sensational in dress Video from You Tube:

Video of Robin Mead's Nice ASS:

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4 years 34 weeks

Robin come and visit England

An invitation to beautiful Robin; visit England and I'll shoot you for my site http://www.oc-swimwear.co.uk

Fingers crossed! Seriously though, she is gorgeous.

4 years 36 weeks


U are the epitome of a woman...
Pretty just aren't the right words or you.
I'm watching on CNN on Guam and loving seeing you! I check you out every night before I go to sleep and I can hardly fall to sleep...

4 years 36 weeks

Beautiful yes... Good anchor... not so much!

Robin in drop dead gorgeous...thats true. That being said... it would be better if she did not get tounge tied so often..and the "Ummmmmm" thing is annoying.

4 years 36 weeks

Robin Meade

I too have been a Robin Meade fan . . . she arguably is the best news reader on TV . . . only HLN's Susan Hendricks or Atlanta's local affliate Linda Stouffer are better at the job.

Curiously Robin has had no kids - tells me a very self-centered ego maniacal person is within her . . . she looks fabulous today on air - after all - it is all just paint & paper - but she is a little cocky in her attitude as opposed to 2003 but I guess than comes with success.

Don't get me wrong - she is still a fabulous person and a very hot looking 40 year old woman . . . but I hope she has her eyes set on a future . . . with no kids and an industry that treats woman like commodities . . . I feel for her . . . the thing most people have ignored is that she is great at her job - she truly is and equally are Susan Hendricks and so was Linda Stouffer - Linda paved the way for these two woman as she was with HLN almost from inception . . . Linda should still be there . . . no exceptions.

4 years 38 weeks

Incentive To Watch the News

I started watching CNN HLN...back in 2003 just because of Robin, I thought that she was very beautiful and had a down to earth charm about her, (still do)!!

4 years 39 weeks


Yes, I agree she is the best looking in the biz. She is not the smartest and actually i think stumbles more that she's in the fame & spotlight. She does get prettier every day, or should i say voluptuous while looking 20 years under her age unquestioned. She will be a legend if she got her journalism skills up-to-date & solid. Her rants, errors, & animation is sometimes sexy, but that's not why i tuned in at first... or is it? lol I loved CNN Headline news before her. The whole show needs substance than running a "sportscenter" like short, repetitive show. Ever leave the TV on and then get pissed the same shit came on 3 times already, lol. Give me an hour, then switch up or make me be mad i missed Robin ;) I'm trying to stay rational to tv news, but if we're talking Robin, man-talk, she's a rare beauty, bombshell. Much luck!

4 years 41 weeks


One of the best pairs of legs in the business. Especially love how she sits sideways. Such a showoff and a tease

4 years 43 weeks

Robin Meade- a sexy woman

what a Gorgeous lady she is...wow...her smile is awesome...she is one in this world...gud photos and nice information given by you...

4 years 43 weeks

Robin Meade

In my life, I have seen many beautiful woman; Robin in without a doubt the most gorgeous woman in the planet. Put it this way, I would be previleged to eat the tartar off her teeth!!!

4 years 46 weeks

Robin Meade

As a connoisseur of lovely ladies, I have to say, without equivocation, that this is the most beautiful woman on the planet. I watch each morning, and she is actually more beautiful every day.

4 years 47 weeks

Robin Meade

OMG - I have never seen such a Beautiful lady in my life!!!! Come to Birmingham and I'll buy you a Drink!!!!

5 years 14 weeks


NOW, that will bring in ratings.

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