Korea’s Dream Concert 2010 Lineup & Tickets

The Dream Concert is one of the hottest k-pop concerts of the year. In Korea, The Dream Concert is held every year and to participate in this stimulating event lots of top artists come together.  It’s a 16th annual Dream Concert will be featuring by some hottest stars. In 2010, line-up includes two of the most successful comebacks Rain and Lee Hyo-lee are made.

Korea's Dream Concert 2010 Lineup, Korea's Dream Concert 2010 Tickets

In this "I Love You Korea: 2010 Dream Concert" title will be taken place at 7 p.m. on May 22nd, this annual celebration will happen at the World Cup Stadium in Sang-am of Seoul where the top celebrities like Rain and Lee Hyori will also going to perform and will be taped for future broadcast by SBS. Local k-pop fans anticipate highly in the Dream Concert. Actually, at the time of 14th annual concert an entrance of local k-pop fans was free. But, from the last year (15th annual concert) tickets came with a price tag. Luckily for fans, the price of a ticket was comparatively low. But unluckily, it makes too difficult for them to get their hands on one.

Throughout the 2010 Star Stage" portion of the concert, an opportunity of a lifetime will be seen also by artists who are hoping to break into the k-pop industry. It will be happened when new artists will get their break to perform for huge mass, finally getting their name out to the masses.

A Japanese source revealed this year’s line-up which is given below:

Lee Hyori
Wonder Girls

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