Nikki Catsouras 18-year-old – Nikki Catsouras Accident Pictures

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Nikki Catsouras, 18-year-old, who was an American woman died as a result of a car crash after losing control of her father’s Porsche 911 Carrera at high speed and colliding with a toll booth in Orange County, California on October 31, 2006. This Car accident photos of Nikki’s badly damaged body leaked on the Internet.

The leakage of photographs are surrounding on the Net today. So, The Nikki family to take legal action due to distress about the incident. In 2006, After the Car Crash accident, her father Christos, who is a real estate agent, received an e-mail that he thought was a property listing, but turned out to be pictures of his daughter Nikki’s blood-covered face accompanied by the following caption: "Whoohoo Daddy! Hey Daddy, I’m still alive."

The Catsouras family withdrawing from Internet use and even homeschooling Ms. Catsouras’s youngest sister due to the possibility that she might have been taunted with the photographs. The Catsourases have spent thousands of dollar in legal fees to stop the photos from being published and sued the CHP for negligence, invasion of privacy and emotional distress. In March 2008, the case was dismissed by a California superior-court judge Steven L. Perk. Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos Here. Warning: The photos are very disturbing and very graphic. Only suitable for 18 years old and above

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