Shazam music player app for iOS now available for download

Shazam Player, music player for iOS devices, has been recently unveiled by Shazam, developers of one of the most famous song recognition apps in the App Store. Shazam Player is a free substitute for the iOS music player. A decent set of characteristics that contains social sharing, streaming lyrics, smart playlists, bios and more is provided by this new app. Shazam player is packed with some well-known accumulations like LyricPlay. Users can get the ability to pull up lyrics for lots of prominent songs in their personal library as they are allowed to access to lyrics while tagging a song by the LyricPlay feature.

Shazam Player music player app for iOS now available for download

With Shazam player, users will also get tour dates from bands and artists they enjoy, as well as watch YouTube videos and concert clips. They are even permitted to purchase tracks from iTunes within the app itself by this Player. Users can share the soundtrack of their day on Facebook and Twitter, manage their preferred music, see their iTunes playlists and create new playlists on the fly with this player. If users do not want to hear any track then they can hide it by using Shazam player.

Users can view music with artist/album/title and utilize the Track Tray to see all the great Shazam features available for every song. They can purchase top tracks from the app or change list of LyricPlay tracks with the use of Shazam player. As users start Shazam App, they will recognize new music that they are hearing because this magical app provides the title and the lyrics by listening to any song around its user.

Video of Shazam Player from youtube:

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