Lady Gaga’s Judas to Premiere On American Idol

On 2nd May, Lady Gaga will premiere her “Judas” video on American Idol. This announcement was made by Interscope Records through its Twitter account. Interscope Records also added that “more specific coming soon.” “Judas” is the 2nd single from approaching album “Born This Way” of Lady Gaga. “Born This Way” will be release on 23rd May. Lady Gaga and Laurieann Gibson have co-directed the video.

Lady Gaga's Judas to Premiere On American Idol

"Judas" audio was released on 15th April worldwide. Mary Magdalene will be played by the Gaga and Judas will be played by Norman Reedus in the video. "Judas" video has a concept which is modulated version of the original concept of video. Original concept of video was too religiously charged. Even though Gaga is portraying the virgin Mary does not appear to be extra step back from the controversial original.

As per Gibson, the Judas video is unprecedented, powerful and impactful. The video will shock the world as it contain huge and groundbreaking message. On Easter Sunday, Gaga tweeted that Judas is regarding mercy and persistence by struggle. Lady Gaga is going to perform 'Judas' for the 1st time on at The Ellen Show to 28th April. For Gaga, it has become a yearly tradition to hit the stage of American Idol. She had performed “Pokerface” in 2009 and “Alejandro” in 2010.

Video of Lady GaGa Judas [New Song 2011] from youtube:

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