Satyam Cinemas Online Booking, Satyam Movie Tickets

The official website of Sathyam Cinemas of Chennai is Sathyam Cinemas was founded in 1999 and it is located in Anna Salai (Mount Road) in Chennai. It offers different types of online services such as online movie details, online ticket booking, recent news, online career opportunities, online Advertise and so on. It also helps the customers for ticket booking and also gives information about ticket availability, special events, seat selection, food service, etc. you can also print your tickets after booking. The payment of the ticket can be done with the credit card/ debit card or fuel card.

How to book your tickets Online?

Satyam Cinemas Online Booking, Satyam Movie Tickets

If you want to book your ticket online, then follow these instructions :

  • First select the number of tickets, date, movie, show time and class
  • After that, sign up in your account (i.e. enter your email ID and password and click on ‘login/Book ticket(s)’ option.)
  • Now, select your seats
  • After that order the food and beverages
  • Lastly, pay your bill by using credit/Debit card or Fuel card.
  1. By Online: Log on to
  2. On the Phone: Dial 4224 4224 to speak to a Customer Care representative
  3. In Person: Stop by the theatre premises 7 days a week, from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m., to buy tickets to the movie of your choice

Table showing Ticket price of different Screens:

  Screen Capacity Elite Premium Economy
1 Sathyam 948 Rs. 120 Rs. 110 Rs. 100
2 Santham 568 Rs. 120 Rs. 100  
3 Serene 272 Rs. 120    
4 Studio 5 148 Rs. 120 Rs. 100  
5 Seasons 260 Rs. 120    
6 6 Degrees 184 Rs. 120    

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