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Anushka has finally joined the famous list of Bikini babes. The good-looking actress who has won people's hearts with her outstanding performance in 'Arundhati', acted in a completely different glamourous role in Telugu Billa.

On this 3rd April, 2009 there is the Telugu movie entitle as Bill is being released and also be most populer because of movie stars. Because in this movie there are stars Prabhas, Krishnamraju, Anushka, Namitha such the talented and hot stars. As the name of the actress in this movie is both are look so sexy and hot so some people went to see this movie because of the actress of this movie.

You also want to see that scene which one be posed by the Anushka Sultry. Then you people are on this right place because here you got all the pose which one given by her in this movie.

Anushka Posed Bikini Scene In Telugu Billa

Wow! in black dress Anushka looks so beautiful and so sexy hot girl.

Anushka in Bikini in Billa

In this bikini pose also she looks so hot. Wow !!! I got injured by this photo.

Anushka in Bikini in Billa

Anushka Bikini Scene Youtube Video

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5 years 26 weeks


i want to touch them once with my hands.

5 years 26 weeks


i wanna pore liquid to anushka's boobs and pooku.

5 years 28 weeks

sex boobs

i wanna press her boobs ......and drink 100000000000 liters of milk from them

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