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AMC Theatre locations and movie theatre showtimes at

AMC Theatre locations

You can find out the AMC Theatre locations by visiting official website of AMC theaters at You can also get the movie theatre show times for AMC by visiting AMC Movie Watcher website : You can also purchase movie tickets online from the AMC movie watcher website.

AMC Theatre Locations website :

About AMC Theatre :

AMC (American Multi-Cinema) Entertainment Inc. is a leading entertainment and theatrical exhibition company, having about 307 theatres with 4612 screens. AMC’s 99 percent of theatres are located in United states (locations in about 30 states) and Canada. AMC is also having theatres in international locations including Hong Kong, France and the United Kingdom known as AMC Cinemas.

AMC MovieWatcher program

AMC created the MovieWatcher program that rewards frequent movie-goers.It is based on points per movie ticket purchased, with rewards varying from concessions to movie passes based on point level.

For more information about AMC Theatres visit AMC Theatres Wiki page.

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