Michael Jackson Bloody Shirt photo

Michael Jackson Bloody Shirt found in Wardrobe

The king of pop Michael Jackson bloody shirt was found in his wardrobe in his home. After his death, the investigators searched his home and they found a bloody white shirt was hanging in a closet. Surprisingly, the shirt’s stain was looked like it was of blood or chocolate.

Michael Jackson Bloody Shirt photo

The shirt’s price label was also still on it, so it confirms that this shirt was never worn. The price tag reads that, "Women’s Clothing – Casual Top" with its $3.99 shopping price tag. The sources reveal that the shirt was bloody because this shirt was used to wipe a blood blemish. This bloody shirt photo was taken by investigators, after the singer’s death on June 26 2009.

The US Lawyer Craig Silverman said that, it is pretty extraordinary that a singer’s bloody shirt is not taken as proof. According to the other reporters, the blood-stained shirt was not detained as evidence by police officers investigating after the Michael’s death, but it is not confirm that, whose blood was on the shirt?

Sources: Aceshowbiz.com

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