Lucy Pinder topless, English major Happy Christmas on Youtube

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Lucy Pinder topless, English major Happy Christmas on Youtube

Christmas is coming and Nuts magazine decided to wish its readers of the feast of all respect, not surprisingly, the magazine has chosen between the different models available, Lucy Pinder, an English major by soft forms and blatantly erotic. The girl is left capture along with some "friends" in very provocative poses, and took the opportunity to show again his magnificent breasts, topless is not in fact missed the Christmas season.The gift that Nuts has offered its readers will certainly sparked Italian boys, not happy with the gift, will be gone in search of other hot shots. But the English magazine has managed to prevent the reactions of the male gender, and accompanied by hot shots with a video so hot, even on this Youtube. The three stunning beauties are dressed only with a gaudy hat of Santa Claus and a complete red underwear, which leaves little room for imagination. The movie opens with the models, which under the mistletoe sends tender kisses with their hands to their fans.

The scene is accompanied by a nice Christmas music, but attention can not help but fall on the beautiful Lucy Pinder, that in a camera flash and the other shows her charms with a smile so mischievous. Finally this Christmas wears red, the color fully characterized these holidays also for the passion that the English have been able to give 3 beauties so well with their many fans.

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