Lark voorhies plastic surgery Before & after Photo

American actress Lark Voorhies was reportedly undergone a plastic surgery. “The Saved by the Bell” show star Lark Voorhies just went under a plastic surgery, according to Star magazine. Here is the photo of Lark voorhies after surgery and before surgery. Do you think Lark voorhies is better after plastic surgery?

Lark voorhies plastic surgery

Usually Plastic surgery gives a batter look than ever before but unfortunately, in Lark Voorhies’ case, her plastic surgery face looks so weird. You can easily say that she looked a lot better before she got the Facelift or Botox.

It looks like that she had an eye-lift.  This is not a good look for her at all – and, if anything, it makes her look strange. Lark looks like a completely different person” told by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Bal Harbour, Fla.-based plastic surgeon to the Star magazine.

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  • Anonymous

    Maybe the after image is her mother? Maybe. Why on earth would she get any work done? She was beautiful. I repeat, was. This haute mess of a photo on the right screams, “I don’t love who I am and believe I have to play this Hollywood game.” Fo’ shame, Lark. Fo’ shame.