Kim Kardashian Superstar in sydney Australia: Mason Tweet Gets Scott Disick Worked Up

Posted By johnson383 on Apr 20, 2010   FROM: thekimkardashian.com report abuse

Kim Kardashian in sydney Australia

Kim Kardashian Superstar Currently traveling around in Australia, Kim Kardashian was involved in a little bit of Twitter drama on Tuesday. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star posted a picture of sister Kourtney’s 4-month-old son, Mason, and tweeted, “I miss my little Masey!!!”Adding, Kim wrote, “Please nobody tell Kourtney I just twittered a pic of Mase, she just might kill me! I just couldn’t resist!”To this, Kourtney's babydaddy beau Scott Disick responded immediately, telling her, “She’s not going to be pleased.”Looking as if things have since smoothed over, Disick added, “It’s fine! You’re a great aunt!”And Kourtney seemingly had no problems either, writing, "Everyone told on u kim for showing a pic of Mason! At least u r an incredible auntie!"

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