Katrina Sister Isabel Kaif Hot Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures

Katrina Sister Isabel Kaif Hot Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures

Isabel is a young starlet from the United Kingdom, is a hot Indian babe hell bent upon gatecrashing into Bollywood.She is so cute. .but i think Katrina is better than Isabella, Recently, Salman Khan is promoting Katrina Kaif's 17-year-old sister Isabel as his leading lady in movie Veer. Isabel has been seen accompanying Katrina at several Bollywood events, prompting speculation that Katrina is grooming and promoting her for a career in Bollywood. Here are some of the photos of the sisters Isabel and Katrina Kaif, Isabel Kaif Hot Wallpapers, Isabel Kaif Unseen Photos, Isabel Kaif latest Pictures.

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  • Anonymous

    Nice Gallery on desifilms dot com for comparison.

    I compared the features like few hair on the forehead near the left temple.. distance between the eyes.. nostril curve.. Teeth.. and resemblance to Kat herself. seems to me its Isabel..