Katrina Kaif not interested to join Twitter or Facebook.com?

[postimg url=”http://static.ready2beat.com/files/images/main/entertainment/ka/katrina_kaif_not_interested_to_join_twitter_or_facebook_com_150417.jpg”]While every top ranking star – from SRK to Salman to Hrithik to Akshay to Abhishek – is on Twitter or Facebook, or both, there are a few exceptions who aren’t too keen to start an account on these popular social networking websites. Katrina Kaif is one of those.

However, there are several Katrina Kaif accounts on both Facebook and Twitter and the fact is, they are all fake. ”

“I don’t understand this. Aren’t stars supposed to be exclusive? Or should they be so accessible that everything in their life should be out in the open? From what they eat to what they drink to what they wear…[link url=http://bollywood3000.blogspot.com/2010/04/katrina-kaif-not-intereted-to-join.html]

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