Katrina Kaif - Caught the Bull by its horns!

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Katrina Kaif - Caught the Bull by its horns!

Katrina Kaif is one big star, who has had the luck and the grit to have captured the Indian audiences by the horns. It is a fact that in India, to be a star, one has to have the look, master over the Hindi language, the power to attract audiences over and over again and of course tremendous screen presence. Katrina Kaif is one star who has all these qualities rolled into her, except the one with the correct Hindi projection.Yet, in spite of her heavy accent, the actress has proved her prowess as an actress who can pull of a film on her delicate shoulders, to great heights. In fact, the lucky gal came into the world of Hindi Cinema, when the western culture was seeping in fast into the Indian matrix.

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