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Jasmin Ouschan Jasmin Ouschan (born 10 January 1986) is an Austrian professional pool player from Klagenfurt, Austria.

In 2006, she won the 2006 BCA Open Nine-ball Championship women’s division, defeating the UK’s Allison Fisher. She also finished 3rd in the women’s World Pool Championship.

She has competed in what have traditionally been regarded as men’s tournaments, finishing 5th in the men’s World Straight Pool Championship in 2006, which was won by Thorsten Hohmann from Germany. She competed again in 2007 but lost to Warren Kiamco in the last 16. In 2008 she even reached the semifinal by beating Mika Immonen and defending champion Oliver Ortmann, but then lost against Francisco Bustamante.

Moreover, she has earned six European Championship titles in eight-ball (2006, 2008), nine-ball (2005), and straight pool (2005–2007) in the women’s division.

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Jasmin Ouschan

Jasmin Ouschan

Jasmin Ouschan

Jasmin Ouschan

Jasmin Ouschan

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