Socom Confrontation Review

Sony PS3 the SOCOM, Confrontation is announced Tuesday 14th october 2008. A numnber of Game fans and players search for review and really wanna know know is this game really worth buying or not ?

Before publishing the game, numbers of site provided reviews but they all are rumors and nothing to interesting in it for read a right matter about the game.

socom confrontation review

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer: Slant Six

Release Date: October 14, 2008

Genres: Action, Shooter, Strategy

User review About SOCOM

SOCOM is the kind of under the radar …
I was in beta and has lots of bugs, but played only their incredible.
if they are fixed and bugs, it is necessary to buy!
(excellent game for the headset + 50 $!!!)

I know that my enthusiasm for this game, and I’ve always loved SOCOM franchise, if I take a peak at low finished AA review, as it brings in a number of my excitement, so no thanks. IGN will probably have a morning or during the next few days!

Best online graphically? are you on crack? do you have a ps3 game ? will socom be your first ? are you a fanboy?

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